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Big Things — Glass Pearls, Sari Silk, and Beautiful Jewelry

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Hello good people! I have been busy. Some of you know that my real job is as a freelance writer and freelance writing has been insanely busy. The Abalone Nomad is my hobby and I want to devote more of my time to wandering and creating jewelry and to do less "real" work. 

Crafts Fairs

Spring has finally sprung and my life is getting busy. My big news is that I will be doing crafts fairs this summer, fall, and winter. My first crafts fair is coming up on April 23. I just found out today. It is a small one day show in Lucerne, California. I am very excited this is the very first crafts fair I have attended as a vendor. 

I follow up Lucerne with a big show in Sacramento on May 14. 

Spring Jewelry

I am into the bright and shiny this spring. Expect glass pearls to play a central theme in most of the work I do. Expect a ton of new earrings, bracelet, and necklaces... and if I can figure them out, hair ties. I will remain true to my natural roots and use the abalone where I can. 

I have also begun bead embroidery and have to say that I love it. I have completed a few piece which will be up on the store soon. My first piece found a new home and I am pleased with that. 

Peyote Stitch, Abalone, and Glass Pearls

Custom Orders

I happily do custom orders. Bracelets and necklaces can be expanded to fit your exact measurements. Color choices, chains, and findings are all options that you can ask me about. In most cases there is a very little, if any, change in pricing. 

I am also happy to make something specifically for you. Metal wise, I work primarily in copper, but I do work in fine silver, sterling silver, argentium (non-tarnish silver)  and can work in gold or rose gold. I will likely be introducing some bronze into my line up too. 

Let me know if you  have any questions. If you happen to be out and about, stop by one of the crafts fairs and say hello. I am also looking for additional fairs so let me know if you have one you love. In the meantime, enjoy the bounty of the natural world!

The Abalone Nomad. 

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