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My First Crafts Fair — Amazing Day in Lucerne

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So this past Saturday was my very first crafts fair. My goals were very simple — Go, set up and learn. I went, set up, and I learned. 

What I learned

People are amazing. Everyone who came into my booth left positive comments. I am thankful for those comments because they help me dial in what my product is and what it should be. 

I learned some things about setting up a booth that I will apply to my next show. I am excited for my next show. 

I Met Wonderful People

I had conversations all day long with people. Customers, browsers, and other vendors. It was a lovely community of vendors and like I said, people liked the shop. I am very happy with the results. 

I Sold Stuff

I sold some of everything I brought. My big sellers were the $5 pendants, earrings, and $10 pendants. I sold things at every price level, for which I am happy. I did not expect to sell as much as I did. So thank you Lucerne for the opportunity. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and to each of you who purchased something from a vendor at this event. 

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  • Cheryl Nicholl on

    You’re art is beautiful. I’m so happy you’re happy with the results of your labors.

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