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The Pirates Bounty

Abalone abalone jewelry Lost Coast North Coast pirates bounty Priate's bounty The Abalone Nomad Wire Wrapping

From time-to-time something sparks my imagination. This piece, did just that. Abalone is somewhat ethereal in that the light is never the same. It is not a translucence, but a liquidity as though beneath the surface something lives. Rocks are the same, except you do not often see the life, but rather feel the spirit. A little out there I know, but when one reaches for the connection that exists in nature, "out there" is just one step closer. 

When I wrap copper wire around abalone the process is 100 percent organic. Sometimes the wire lays perfectly as I envision it and other times it refuses to become orderly and remains chaotic. This piece is both of those stories. The bottom is beautifully ordered. The top, not so much. It is that juxtaposition — ordered versus chaos — that brings this piece to life. The top, a chaotic bandanna, rumpled from wear, and comfortable. The bottom, those interesting collars from "that" era. The empty hole, a lost eye and the pattern of the mother of pearl the visage of such a spector. Who was this? A faded story of adventure, bounty, and death. 

Image via Flickr by Scalespeeder

I shall let whomever buys the piece tell the rest of the story.

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