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First Half of May and It's Creations

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So I am pretty happy with where things are headed. I have two crafts fairs this weekend and I had wanted to spend days and days crafting new things. That did not happen as much as I had hoped, but I did get a few new things out there. 

This is a funky piece that is really a prototype. It started out a an eye of Horace and then evolved into a fish. I kind of like it, but it is clearly a one-off piece that some special soul will love. For the next one I will add more definition into the frame and instead of weaving the wire throughout the entire piece I will add beads. You might have notices I seem to have fallen in love with the recycled sari silk and I have. It brings this raggedness and an unkept organic feeling to the pieces. In addition, I like the little pop of bright colors. I have been experimenting with color association and this is a good piece to show that off. When we think about tropical fish we think vivid colors. Blue for the water, oranges, yellows, purples, and so many other colors that take on the reef environment. The silk captures that here in this piece. 

The Beginning of the Magpie Series

This is the piece that I started and then fell in love with the eclectic nature of adding random bits to things. This is also one of my favorite pieces and I will be sad when it sell. It needs to sell though because all of this stuff needs to find a home. I won't wear it and it was meant for more than spending its "forever" in a box in my closet. 

The organic and random chaos in the Magpie collection is not by chance. There is a story in each of them and they are meant as notebooks of a sort. The wearer can associate a bit or bauble in the chaos to something positive in their live or their experience. A good example of this is my use of the color green, especially that button. It reminds me of a trip to Scotland that I took with my mother. The vivid green of everything there is something I will forever remember. That is the joy of the Magpie pieces — They have untold stories waiting to be written. A few others:

My Exploration on the Tree of Life

The tree of life is a popular piece in the jewelry crafting world. I tend to not follow trends, but I do have a long love of oak trees so I indulge the Tree of Life. This is one I made this week and Its getting there. I think this one is still a work in progress and it needs a bit more of something. I have not yet decided what that something is.  I have made another one on a beautiful piece of labradorite with some dark-sage green glass pearls. I think it is a stunning piece, but it weighs a ton. I will try to add a photo of it tomorrow.


It is crafted with a silver tone copper alloy wire which sets off beautifully against all the green. I am quite pleased with it except that it probably weights a single pound. It feels big for a pendant. 

The Copper Wrapped Abalone 

I have found some new piece of abalone. My brother — I want to say he makes the abalone, but he does not — he turns it into something that is usable by me. I am grateful for that too. That supply link has not only made the Abalone Nomad possible it has helped make my store unique. I have been wrapping a lot of abalone this past few weeks and my fingers are sore. Still, it is part of who I am. It is part of the journey. If you have asked me even a year ago if I would make jewelry my answer would have been no. I have had a long career of doing things that paid the bills but that I did not love in my heart. I do love the freedom to sit here and create something that brings another joy. I also love the fact that every day I learn something new. 

What should you expect in the future? 

I would think more of the same is in order with a few twists to keep things fresh. I have spend the last half a year collecting the know-how and techniques. These last two weeks have been very artful for me. Surprisingly so. I remain a humble being blessed by the creator and touched by the senses that are nature. For that ride, I must smile a bit. 

Thank you,

T.A.N — David

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