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Custom Jewelry — A personal treasure with sentiment, and meaning

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Jewelry is a personal journey and while I craft pieces that I think have meaning and value, I offer to do custom designs for special occasions, remembrance pieces, and heirlooms. 

Custom work allows you the buyer to provide more insight into the sentiment behind a piece of jewelry. It is a mix of your vision and my artistry and what is created is a piece that is solely you. 

Do you have a special occasion on the horizon? Consider a personalized gift of jewelry. A birthday bracelet with the families birth stones, trinkets that  become charms, or something different. The Magpie concept is perfect for creating a conglomerate of memories such as colors, stones, iconic pieces such as bottle caps from a favorite brand of soda, beer, or even a wine cork from a wedding, anniversary, or birthday. 

Custom pieces are an amazing way to give a personal gift that not only bring beauty, but is sentimental and holds a connection. For more information, just email me at

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