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Thank you Lakeport for a Wonderful Weekend

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So the Abalone Nomad headed North for a two-day event hosted by the Kiwanis Club of Lakeport. This is one of the best events I have attended thus far. There were a ton of vendors, many of whom made jewelry. There was good live music, beer, and plenty of food vendors too. Nearly everyone who walked by my booth raved about the tamales. Sadly, I did not get to test them. However, there is always next year. 

Something that continues to amaze me is are the people. Everywhere I roam I meet the most interesting people. Some buy wares and others do not, but what is important is the conversation - the connection. The world is truly a small place. I met a long lost cousin who I did not even know I had. I met veterans. I met people who struggle with and who have conquered addiction. I met the most delightful kids. I met little old ladies, little old men, and couples who have been together for over 50 years of marriage. I met well behaved dogs. I also met the most amazing native man. I was so mesmerized by his bear paw medicine bag that I forgot to ask his name or to give my own. I feel as though that was a blessed encounter. I hope that one day our paths cross. 

I also met many of my sisters friends and we welcomed by complete strangers. The weekend proved to be a very positive experience.

I sold a few pieces and I was very happy that they found their homes. One of those was a little dream catcher. 

The interesting thing about this was I felt I has made it for a child. I have had it online and at several events and it did not sell. This weekend a young girl picked it up and bought it. It was just one of those moments when you know that something has found its real owner. 

Another awesome moment was when a lady bought another of the magpie dream catchers. 

Love Potion #9 found its forever home too. Those are special pieces that have special owners. They themselves are a journey - an essence of something that becomes a story or totem for another person to tell. 

Another magpie piece that sold this weekend was also a special purchase. Sadly, I do not have a photo of it as I made it the night before. Each piece I feel went to a good place and found a person who could enhance the story that they contain. If you shop my store you will notice that many pieces contain a bottom loop or extra loops built into their design. Those loops are there so that whomever buys the piece can attache their own charms or add components to the piece. These are complete pieces that are also incomplete. They allow someone else to customize them into something that is even more unique. 

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