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June's Abalone Sale — Focus on Dads

It is always a struggle for me to create jewelry for men. That is because I rarely wear jewelry myself. However, I have started to wear some of my pieces. This month's sale items are some of the more masculine pieces that a man or young man might like. I have debated adding in some focal pieces that were geared more towards teen boys and young adults. Those would be things such as petrified shark teeth, fossils, etc. Let me know what y'all think about that idea. 

Dads — we should celebrate fatherhood more than we do. In that spirit, let's get started. 

The Pirate:


Abalone Focal




Abalone Point




Medium Pendant




Large Abalone Pendant




Add a chain for $10 Add a leather thong for $6 If your dad is your mom, spoil her too on fathers day. There are plenty of things in the shop that women love. Use Promo Code: FathersRock for a 10 percent discount on every order - good for all items in the store. If you need something special created just email me at









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