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First Post — And we are live...

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Well here we go. After a ton of positive reviews from friends and colleagues I decided I should try my luck in the online world. Three days into this venture I have sold three items and paid for the store. I am happy with that progress. Along with success comes that long list of things to make better. The first item on my list is better quality of jewelry. Since I make all of this stuff myself that means setting aside time to craft products. I want everyone to be 100 percent happy with what they buy. The second thing on my list is to improve the photographic quality of my products. Again, I do all of that myself so I need to find the perfect light and background. The rest of that list I will save for another day, but I feel as though those are the two most important features to take care of in the here and now.

I would love to hear feedback from people on what they think of the site and the products.

Thank you for stopping by to read the blog and shop the store.



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