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The First Three Weeks and The Abalone Nomad

Abalone Handcrafted jewelry metaphysics unique jewelry

Wow. What a crazy trip, but I have to say I have loved this. I sit back at night in awe of what has happened. This journey started with a simple desire to join my siblings in making art. Who knows what happens when one opens a door for the first time — what we unleash or what little paradise one may find. For me, it has been a paradise with this jewelry making journey.

I like the natural and organic process of working with abalone and copper. Other people have liked that too. I have pieces in two galleries, and this online store is doing way better than I had hoped it would and its been three weeks. My focus remains on the art and the individuality of each piece that I create. As I work, I try to envision the person who would wear each piece. My aim is for that piece of abalone to be an extension of who wears it — a little tap into the metaphysical.

As an Earthy substance, abalone combines the power and beauty of the ocean with the steady and strength of the earth to create a harmonic blend or aura of peace and calm while showcasing the beauty — colors and hues — that we see in the oceans. I feel that abalone is like a sanctuary — a little spot to retreat to and regroup. That is one of the reasons that I love to work in this beautiful medium.

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