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Finding Diversity in What I Do

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When I sit on the beach and settle into the sand to become one with what is - a meditative stance - I begin to sense the greatness that is the beach. It is a rich diversity etched in cycles that count the beats of our hearts. There is the fluidity of the ocean, the ephemeral aspect of the sand, the hardness of the rocks, the warmth of the sun, the changing colors of the water and the sky, the mix of saltwater and freshwater and the transportation of minerals and biological matter that eventually become the food web that feeds us all. When I say "greatness" I mean in all of its glory.  

The interconnectedness of nature is what draws me into it. I am fascinated by how things work. I want to know how each creature fits into the system. In fact, there are so many systems that I want to know where that creatures system fits into the bigger system and where those bigger systems all connect. If you step back and look you can see the bigger systems. Those being the changing tides, the weather, the hydrological cycle, the changing seasons, and some of the adaptations that creatures have developed to survive in all of this constant change. There are even bigger systems than these. Then here we are, trying to make something static in what is a dynamic world. Do we oppose change or do we merely not see that we too must change? 

Everything on the earth is meant to become recycled - broken down into smaller pieces that go back to the very basic of systems. That is after all from whence it came - those basic systems. Mountains erode a grain at a time. Summer gives way to autumn and then to winter. The amount of light in the sky changes each day. The house you build is constantly in decay. The trees grow, age, and then fall. The entire process is orchestrated by time and patience. We grow from the smallest cell into a complex structure. Our lifecycle is one of growth, crescendo, and then decline. It is the way with everything from the greatest mountain to the smallest insect. It is the way of nature. 

Even this blog is a basic explanation - a single dimensional view. Add into this the complexity of all time - past, present, and future and you have something that is again in constant flux. Were we meant to be so static as a species? Our ways seem to defile the sanctity of what is. Something that chaffs against the very grain of creation - a misstep in an intricate dance. 

As such, I am focusing on the beach as a whole. Bringing into my work the essence of what I discuss here. I think July should be exciting. 


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