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Finding Inspiration in Nature

lunar moon scarab beetle tribal tribal jewelry

There are brilliant hues and interesting shapes amid the flora and fauna. This fact is one reason I love to explore the wild places. There are a few things that I love about this photograph, which I snapped in my garden. The photograph offers a complete color palate from those odd pinks to those luscious, buttery golds. The sunflower is an exploration in shape from which I find the desire to cut metal, solder it, and address the challenges of these colors. The bee is her own story. The tattered wing tells me she has not long to live. For such a gentle creature, bent to her task, she is giving. As an older female worker, it is her role to fly farther. One day, she will just not return. Her tattered wing will not support her. She, like the rest of us, will rejoin the great cycle but not in vain. Her little body, small as it is, will be absorbed by the soil and provide nutrients that will help next year's flowers grow. Even in death, she gives back to  her hive. 
Battus philenor or the pipevine swallowtail in its caterpillar form. Insects offer me a tremendous amount of fascination. We think of butterflies as flitty little things that waft from flower to flower dining at only the best blooms. They are more. They are caterpillars, as seen here, eggs, and pupa. Such ability to change shape and drastically at that I might add makes me envious. I am always inspired by the beauty of butterflies, but this caterpillar inspires me in other ways. There is much here that I can apply to my art — though I admit it is very goth. I see a lot of masculinity in this and at the same time I see a bit of tribal, nomadic and even industrial paths, one can take with this caterpillar.
Dragonflies have a lot of symbolism. From this creature I draw a lot of structural inspiration that I can apply to folded metal, wire weaving, and even metal coloring. As an order of insects, they offer a lot of color and pattern variation. All of which I can see becoming parts of what I create. I am instantly in love with the shades of green that this dragonfly displays. The juxtaposition of its sturdy body and fragile wings is also very attractive to me. 

Inspired by Nature

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