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Finding Tribal - It Feels Like Home

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Recently, I was asked to write an article about tribal shields from Africa. The research was fascinating and things that fascinate me find their way into my art. As the days of August tick by I am enjoying  elding the concept of African tribal shields into what I do for jewelry. 

I made it a point not to copy colors, shapes, or symbols as I felt those are a personal journey. My aim was to find the essence of what was there using a freer form.  What inspired me was the construction — wood frames with supports with coverings of animal hide, metal, or wood. Primitive, but ingenious. The construction of such tells a story and marks an important part of our history and development. It may well reflect a path back to our roots as a species. In this African tribal shield blog, I present you my take on our past. As jewelry, these are appropriate for men or women. 

Spear Point



The Composite Heart

The Moon and Sky


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