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Friday Favorites and Sales

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Welcome to the first Friday Favorites blog. It is a place where I highlight a few of the latest pieces and put some of them on sale. This is also where I will post the promo code for the month. To make this exciting I am using a random number generator set between 5-20 with the result being the value of the promo code. So this month the added discount code is worth 9 percent off sales across my store.   

The Promo Code for March 2017 is MarchNine

Favorite Item of the Month

This month I had a lot of favorite items so it was really difficult to choose just one. I think that is because everything I bring home to use in my jewelry making is something I am attracted to or love. This month I chose a piece with a very special chunk of abalone shell —  Wire Woven and Wrapped Abalone Necklace.


Sale Items

Wire Wrapped Lampwork Glass Ocean Pattern


Wire Wrapped Lampwork Glass Water Pattern


Wire Wrapped Abalone Focal Necklace 

Wear the Beach and Wear the Earth

Wear the Beach was my original brand that I use for all things oceanic. This year I am adding more gemstones and crystals to my store under the brand Wear the Earth. Keep your eye out for both types of products. I am considering a Wear the Volcano brand as well as I have a lot of locally producted obsidian here. What are your thoughts on Wear the Volcano?

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