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New Materials for the Abalone Nomad

It has thus far been a back-breaking year. I have been busy not only with shows but with teaching wire jewelry lessons locally. Sadly, I have been neglecting my online store. To remedy this, I would like to share with you some of the exciting new materials with which I am working. 

Going a little Metaphysical

Donuts are a popular shape for semi-precious gemstones. Look for new products in the very near future that involve these beauties and some wire weaving. 

A Whole Lot of Interesting 

You might have guessed that I love rocks. In fact, I spend more time at shows talking to kids about rocks and I find that many girls and every boy, man, father, son, and brother who come into my booth seem to love rocks. Well, here's to interesting rocks - Fossil Stone

What's Your Favorite Color?

Mine favorite color happens to be green and I have a couple of new surprises for anyone who likes green. Chrysoprase is a beautiful stone that reminds me of green turquoise. It ranges in color for creamy mint green to apple green. It also contains nickel whereas turquoise often contains copper and or iron. 

And... it opalizes sometimes

I love the detail in this piece. It has almost every color you can imagine from golds and yellows to these lovely reds, purples, and blues... but above all... there is a rich palate of greens.

A Little More High-end

I was lucky enough to find a strand of rough-cut aquamarine. These are small stones, but I plan to use them artistically. 

Expect a few small necklaces and matching earrings with this strand of lovely. 

I Did Say My Favorite Color is Green, Right?

Well, It does not get much greener than Neophyte Jade. Next, to emeralds, this is perhaps one of my top five favorite stones. 

It Is NOT Just New Rocks that Thrill 

This year I am using different types of metals. The highlight thus far is Silver, Sterling Silver, and Argentium Silver. Argentium Silver does not tarnish as badly as Sterling does and it offers the same luster as Fine Silver, but with a little break in costs. '

Also on the menu, this year is Bronze. Bronze is just luxe. It is like a blonde gold and I happen to like it a lot. Copper is still my favorite, but Bronze and Silver are gaining momentum

Someone gave me a half a bucket of beach glass and I plan to put it to good use. The above piece is lovely, but I have some unique pieces too.

Tree of Life with Abalone and Beach Glass in Copper



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