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New Products for February 2017

There is a lot going on this February. The online store is now open and new products are on the shelves. Sale Items Listed Below.

This year I am focusing on a more diverse population of products. Expect to see:

  • More Wire Weaving
  • More Earrings
  • More Bracelets
  • More Focals 
  • More Necklaces
  • Fewer Pendants
  • Weekly Sales and Single Item focus
  • More Giveaways
  • More collections so you can choose options not just a piece
  • More Options

I will host a few pages on Facebook that are product specific. The first of which is 
dedicated to Dangle Earrings. Click to view my Dangle Earring page on facebook. This is a page that highlights just dangle style earrings created by The Abalone Nomad. It is also a place where you might find earrings that you won't find in my online store. It will be a place for news such as promo codes, sales, and conversations about style, color, and perhaps even how-to content. 

Be sure to visit the store and shop often. In fact, Show Now

Tree of Life


Wire Wrapped Glass


Wire Wrapped Abalone Pendant



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