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So Very Excited — 2017 Seems Like a Year of Plenty

I am very excited by what 2017 holds for the Abalone Nomad. It seems as though this is going to be a year of big changes and plenty of opportunities and all of them good.

Jewelry Classes and Tutorials

I am happy to announce that I will be teaching a series of classes on how to make wire jewelry. In addition to the in-person classes I will be posting tutorials online so that readers can learn to make wire wrapped and wire woven jewelry like this:

Prehnite in Oxidized Copper

Eventually, I will post either video or written tutorials here on the store's site. They will be free and I will tie them into chat on Facebook so viewers can ask questions. I am also toying with the idea of trying a hangout lesson or two so that we can work on projects together. I am not sure of the platform but I am thinking G+ or through one of the Google Docs apps "thingies."

Local Outings to Work in Nature

On a local basis, I have (in the works) some outdoor crafting days where fellow jewelry artists can get together and work on projects out in nature. Nature is has a huge influence on me and I find much of my inspiration for what I create in nature. Email me your email address at so I can notify you when these events occur. 

Jewelry Classes Through LakeWorks

I will be teaching a variety of jewelry making classes through LakeWorks and Watershed Books in Lakeport starting in March. The final calendar of classes is still being finalized but I expect those to start by March 15. Most classes are $20 per student and will include all of the materials needed to create a project. The focus of each class will be learning skills that students can take home and use to design and create their own style of jewelry. If you want to be put on the email list for the class calendar or class announcements be sure to send me your email address. 

Craft Fair Season is Just Opening 

The craft fair season is just getting underway. The first show is in early April. I am excited to participate as I love chatting with everyone who wanders into my booth. I aim to participate in one show per month and there are plenty from which to choose. 

More Work with Gemstones and Rocks too

Last weekend was the Gem and Mineral Show in one of the local towns. So many amazing vendors and beautiful gems and stones. Expect to see a nice assortment of wire woven gems and minerals make their way into my shop this year. I will still focus on abalone as my main focal. I am very excited about the amethyst, snakeskin jasper, druzy geodes, kyanite, and the chrysocolla. They represent a beautiful palate of colors from rich greens and bright purples to the subtle earthy tones offered by the sandy matrix against the light and sky blue of the snakeskin jasper. 

Gems and Stones for 2017

Lots of Nomad Aventures Planned too

I plan to spend some time at the coast this year. I love to gather supplies for making jewelry. I am excited to add small pieces of driftwood into what I make. I have not worked with driftwood yet so I am not sure how that will go but that is part of the excitement. 

I also live right next to an active creek and I have visited there once in between the torrential rains. I am so excited to have the opportunity to rockhound here. This is a very volcanic area and I have already found obsidian and some really red jaspers. 

My brother brought me a lapidary table so I will be working on creating more usable stones from what I find locally. I will add a tumbler or two to my tool bench this year too. Now that I live in a place without neighbors, I feel more comfortable using tools that make a lot of noise.

So many things to do and so many opportunities. 2017 is looking like a busy and very enjoyable year. I will post new products on Friday along with a promo code for site-wide discounts.

For now, enjoy what life has to offer

The Abalone Nomad 

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