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Where Do Your Steps Take You?

They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I ask then, where do your steps take you? Do you wander aimlessly or follow a plotted course? Every day we walk through life, but where do we go? 

Clouds are an ephemeral thing. Not alive, not stoic. They roam across the sky carried not by their own actions, but by that of the wind pushing against their resistance. Is this who you are? The free spirit who is pushed on without a care? Someone who reacts to pressure rather than one who chooses their own path? There is no right answer — only the answer that best fits your objectives. Where do your steps take you?


There are those of us who stand in one place and watch life as it passed by. Visitors of a parade — our steps lead nowhere. Like the oak, we put down roots and live our life as best we can. Is this you? One vista with many views? Are you trapped by tradition? Are you content with what you have seen? Do you feel secure in your role — a static being in a dynamic world? Is this you? Again, there are no right answers. 

This week I have had the privilege to walk among the natural world — to see the world around me. I am both the clouds and the oak — a being that is settled in one spot, but who roams the wide world. It is not the wind that pushes me from place to place. It is not the security of tradition that holds me where I am. It is the curiosity to discover, in both of these cases, what is and what can be that allows me the opportunity to know where my steps lead. It is the unknown of what I may find and experience that drives me to move and the love of what I know that brings me home. 

That is the joy of life. To wander nomadically, but always return home. The real question for you is, where is home? 


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