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20-inch Magpie Abalone Necklace

20-inch Magpie Abalone Necklace

$ 20.00

This magpie inspired abalone necklace features a large abalone focal that is adorned with crow beads, fire beads, sari silk, and some copper wire wrapping. It is on a 20 (ish) inch buckskin thong with large fish hook clasp up front. Customize your abalone necklace by swapping the leather thong for a chain. We make it easy to do just that. You can email me directly at and request a special chain, chain length, or a different color of leather. 

For those of you into the power of stones, the shell in this abalone necklace is a power element. It mixes the calm and strength of the Pacific ocean in a substance that is hard and beautiful. Much like an opal, abalone pendants catch the light and flash bits of color. The range is often from pink to deep blue. This abalone necklace is a true focal. As you walk or move it changes tone drawing the eye to it.  It offers the beauty of the entire sprectrim. 

As the ownder and operator of The Abalone Nomad, I want all of my customers to be happy with their purchase. We make custom abalone neckaces, women's jewelry, men's jewlery for every day wear or special occasions. I primarily work in copper but also in sterling silver and fine silver. Custom orders are easy to process. Just start with an email to me and we can go from there. My rates vary depending on the detail of the piece and I try to keep rates as low as possible. 

Check out our blog too for promo codes and discounts. I am always willing to dicker a little bit on prices without a promo code. This abalone necklace is unique and a one-of-a-kind piece.

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