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Fluorite, Aventurine, and Abalone Necklace

$ 46.00 $ 76.00

This necklace is many things. First, it is 19.5 inches with the focal it is, as measured from the top of the clasp, it is just 13.5 inches long. If I put it on, and my neck is 16 inches round, it just fits around and the top of the focal sits right at the top of my sternal notch. It is comfortable on me. It is something that I designed for a woman, but again, it looked good on my manly frame. I can extend the length as needed. 

There are seven large fluorite crystals in the piece. Six are in the necklace and one is in the focal. There are ten 10 mm aventurine beads in the necklace. The abalone focal is beautiful. It is an angel wing shape that measures 4-inches long and 2-inches wide. It is full of greens and blue and the shell itself seems to catch the light and dance from every angle. 

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