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Tree of Life Set Featuring African Turquoise

$ 60.00

This amazing set includes a tree of life pendant, earrings, and bracelet all made using African Turquoise. 

The tree of life is silver colored wire with metal beads wrapped around an African Turquoise cabochon. The pendant measures 2.25 inches in length and just about 1.5 inches in width. I will be adding a small-link silver colored chain to this set too. 

The earrings feature African Turquoise beads with larger metal beads on surgical steel findings. They dangle at just over 2-inches from the top of the finding to the bottom of the earring. 

The bracelet features five African Turquoise beads and measure 8 inches in length. I am more than happy to adjust the size to whatever you need. 

African Turquoise 

African turquoise, despite its name, is not turquoise. It is in fact a type of jasper that features a teal coloration. Most African Turquoise is dyed and the components in this set are likely DYED. This is the only stone you will find in my store that is dyed. I make the exception for African Turquoise because it is very different. Most gems that are dyed to look like turquoise are cheap and soft. Jasper is not and the African Jasper is already beautiful. The results are a pale blue with a hint of oxidation. It is a stone that I love, even dyed. 

If you collect stones for their color this will not disappoint. If you are into the power of stones and their healing magic, the power of African turquoise comes from the jasper, not specifically its color. That is one of the reasons I love this stone. 

Metaphysically speaking, this is a gem that brings awareness and change within you. It is a beacon of sorts that helps you find your path, your purpose, and unseen opportunities. 

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